Ten Fun Family Things to do in Nelson, BC, Canada

Nelson BC is located in the West Kootenays region of British Columbia, Canada. If you look at a map of British Columbia, the Kootenays are located in the southeast corner of the province. The population of Nelson is just under 10,000 people. Although Nelson doesn’t have all the amenities of a larger center, there are still many fun things you can do when spending some time here. Here are the top ten things to do in Nelson on your family vacation.Visit Lakeside Park at the North end of town, just beside the big orange bridge. Things you will find at the park include lots of grassy areas for picnics, a sandy beach, boat launch, and children’s playground. Bring your own lunch, or buy lunch at the snack stand in the park, which has a diversified menu. Dairy Queen is also just a short walk away. Near the park you will find soccer and baseball fields.Watch aircraft take off and land at the airport. For a city of Nelson’s size, you might be surprised to learn that it has it’s own airport, right by the waterfront. The airport is mainly used by small personal aircraft and helicopters. In the summer the airport can get quite busy, especially during forest fire season, and you will see all kinds of aircraft.Walk the waterfront. If you start at Lakeside Park, you can walk the waterfront west, past the sandy beach, soccer fields, Chahko Mika Mall, Prestige Inn, and airport. On the way back, catch the heritage street car that runs from the Prestige Inn to Lakeside Park.Spend an afternoon at the Nelson Aquatic Center. The aquatic center was renovated in 2005, and contains a full pool, kids pool, lazy river current pool, water slide, hot pool, sauna, and steam room. A great way to spend a few hours at a cost of around $10 (for a family of four). The same building also contains a weight lifting gym and hockey rink. Bring your skates in the winter for public skating!If your family likes to golf, visit the Granite Pointe Golf Club. The golf course is located at 1123 West Richards street in the Rosemont area of Nelson, just a short drive from the downtown center. The course has 18 holes and was designed by Bill Newis in 1993. Nice views and a great clubhouse will cap off your day here.If the weather isn’t cooperating, spend some time indoors at the bowling alley. Savoy Lanes is located at 520 Falls Street, across from the Best Western hotel. Features regular bowling, league bowling, and laser bowling.Watch a movie at the Nelson Civic Theatre, 719 Vernon Street. This is an older ‘one-screen’ theatre, usually with one or two current movies in rotation. They normally have two evening screenings per day, with weekend matinees. The experience of watching a movie here can be quite nostalgic; bring your own bag and they will fill it with popcorn!Learn about the local history by stopping in at the Nelson Museum (402 Anderson Street). The museum houses displays on Native Peoples, explorers, and settlers of the area, as well as art and history. An extensive archive of local photography can also be viewed.Want to see how the local ale is made? The Nelson Brewing Company is a local brewer that produces over half a dozen brands, including their famous Faceplant winter ale. Located at 512 Latimer Street, where the brewery started over 100 years ago, call ahead to check for tour times.Have a meal at the Hume Hotel (previously called the Heritage Inn, established in 1898). No trip to Nelson is complete without a visit to the Hume Hotel, located near the town center. The hotel has had major renovations over the last 25 years but still maintains it’s old-fashioned heritage charm, without the ‘sterile’ atmosphere of newer establishments. You will enjoy the hotel restaurant with it’s upbeat staff, historic memorabilia and photos, varied menu and reasonable prices. Make sure you ask for a window table so you can see the stone courthouse across the street, and watch the traffic go by.

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