Entertaining in Beijing

Today’s Beijing is truly a “capital city of exhibitions and folk custom festivals”, and a metropolis that is full of characteristics and styles of its ancient customs and modern vigor. In addition to the celebrations of the traditional festivals every year, there are also many national or even international exhibitions held here. For instance, the once a year Beijing international books exhibition, automobile exhibition, communication exhibition and so on, as well as performances and displays put on by the world’s top level artists.During Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), traditional folk custom festivals such as temple fair, flower show, lantern festival are pretty centralized; additionally there are also Moon Festival, ice sculpture festival, Da Guan Yuan welcome spring festival, kite festival, watermelon festival, peach blossom festival, red leaves festival and various appealing food fairs or festivals that depict a picture of rich natural conditions and social customs. As a first time traveler to Beijing, your eyes surely cannot take in all those multitude of names of festivals, fairs, and distinctive exhibitions. Beyond having experienced Beijing’s deep, distant character of being an ancient capital, you will also deeply feel the fast pace in this internationalized metropolis. Teach you a unique skill here: buy a Beijing Evening Newspaper or a shopping guide newspaper for high-quality goods, there is always detailed timely information about all sorts of exhibitions.Where to go to kill time between 9pm to 5am? Sanlitun or Chaoyang park? The number of Beijing’s bars, dancing ballrooms, and clubs is over thousands, needless to say there will be some difficulties if you want to check them all. It is wise to look for several entertainment centers that are of unique in styles. The happiest, the most mysterious, and the most romantic scenes will all be here for you to enjoy. But wait, there is one special rule to remind you: you have to be 18 or older in order to get in these adult recreation areas.

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