Cantina Real in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach waterfront is a sweet place to hang out. Whether you are an exercise fiend and want to hit the Strand for running or blading, or you are a partier, or perhaps just someone who likes to hang out by the beach, you will find something to your liking here. You will get hungry in this process. Beach activities always make me hungry anyway. There are some good places to explore here. Cantina Real is a noteworthy restaurant. It has an awesome location and good Mexican food ….We have eaten here on multiple occasions. Most of the time we choose to go on a weeknigh to bypass the tourist crowds on weekends. If you are here during the weekend be preared to wait for a long time. Not that this is a bad thing since this is a cool area to hang out, see and be seen. Icould just chill in the pier plaza for hours. Service is very solid. Even during the busiest hours I have always received quick and curteous service without an attitude. I have tried a many entrees here, including carne asada burritos, fish tacos, nachos, fajitas … All items are served on large plates in large portions. The taste is very good for all items. Even though it is in a very touristy spot, they do not skimp on freshness and quality of food. Mango Margaritas are the choice drink. They are delicious. Get the large pitcher and party on …Locals like this place, I like this place and it seems like everyone that I have taken there likes it as well. There’s just a whole lot of liking here. It’s a worthwhile visit if you are in Hermosa and craving some good Mexican food. Recommended.Cantina Real19 Pier Ave.Hermosa Beach, CA 90254(310) 372-3454

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